Students can avail the school transport facility subject to availability of seats. Parents should consult the school transport in-charge for necessary details. Bus facility is not mandatory.

The school offers a transport service to families living within DVM bus zones which are outside an approximate 2 km radius of the school. Families who live outside DVM bus zones may bring their children to a predetermined meeting or pickup point and take part in the DVM Bus Transport Service from that point onwards.

A bus driver’s job and main concern is to drive safely. Students whose behavior is deemed detrimental to the good order and safety of the other passengers will lose their transportation privileges for a period of time. It then becomes the responsibility of the parent to arrange for transportation of the student to and from school. Transportation is a privilege, not a right.

Bus Routes

# Van No Area
1 A
2 B
3 C
4 D
5 E
6 F
7 G
8 H
9 I
10 J
11 K
12 L